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Vidaan Infra

Strong group of engineers diversified in Educational & Infrastructural development

Multilevel Parking Solutions

Automated Car Parking Systems are in demand – a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically use a system of pallets and lifts and signalling devices for retrieval. They serve advantages like safety, saving of space, time and fuel.

WastE management Project

The Project hopes to accomplish four goals in the long term: Create Efficiency and Convenience within Systems-usage, Change the Culture of Waste Handling through Mass-scale Education Programs, Develop & Implement Creative New Solutions using Research and Development, Utilise the Most Advanced Technology for Every day Systems & Operation.

River cleaning

Our objective is to clean up and make people aware of the problem by showing them trash can be found in and around the river where they grew up, live or work. We deploy smart technologies in rivers to continuously collect trash and stop the inflow of trash in our oceans.

Core Team

Sandeep Shashikant Bobade

Aniruddha Anil Mendki

Sonali Sandeep Bobade

Manasi Aniruddha Mendki